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I’m well into writing a book about exploring Colorado. 5/12/2015

I’m looking for input regarding places or activities that should be in the book.

I’m looking for your favorite places to go and what you did there.

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Joe Berardi

Capitol Reef Sulphur Creek Waterfalls

Although I take very few videos or none on my hikes, I did take some of Sulphur Creek. I have no excuse nowadays since both the DSLR and the Point & Shoot GPS camera both take videos.

Sulphur Creek Waterfalls


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The book page has been updated for some of my current offerings.

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Joe Berardi hiking Sulphur Creek

Sulphur Creek Lower Waterfalls


I’m a desert dweller so hiking Sulphur Creek which is a perennial stream was a real treat for me.

Joe Berardi hiking Cottonwood Wash – Capitol Reef NP

Cottonwood Wash – Capitol Reef NP


Cottonwood Wash was my second favorite slot canyon hike for my April 2015 trip to Utah.

Joe Berardi hiking Sheets Gulch / Capitol Reef NP

Sheets Gulch


Notice the chokestone I was climbing over and the jammed boulder overhead with a tree branch.

Sheets Gulch is one of the best slot canyon hikes I’ve hiked.

Website updated for Capitol Reef trip

I’m in the process of updating my website.

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Utah Capitol Reef Slot Canyon Hiking Trip – Day 1

© 2015 Joe Berardi

Utah Capitol Reef and San Rafael Swell

Day 1 (Tues – 4/14) Travel

It seems like there is never enough time to prepare and pack for a road trip. I only forgot my new sunscreen shirt and knee pads on this trip. I started packing the day before but as usual spent several hours loading up the pickup truck prior to departing making sure the camper was stocked with food supplies, etc.

I left home at 8:30AM and headed north for Flagstaff. This time of year Utah time is one hour ahead of Arizona time so any times given are Arizona times since I do not change my watch or camera clocks.

I drove directly to Hanksville, Utah making stops for gas and food only. I arrived about 4:30 PM AZ and it was well before sunset. It was very windy in Hanksville probably 20-30 mph winds with gust much greater. I almost got blown over while filling up at the gas station. Dust was flying everywhere in the air. The temperature was comfortable, maybe upper sixties or lower seventies.


I checked in at Duke’s Slickrock Grill and Campground and got a tent site for $16.60 including tax. As usual I slept in the camper only wanting the use of the restrooms and a safe and convenient place to park. I went to bed rather warm despite the wind and didn’t bundle up but rather slept under a sleeping bag being used as a blanket. The weather forecast for the entire week had been constantly changing day by day and I was awakened by a cold blast of air around midnight. The predicted cold front had arrived with the wind and now I had to put on more cloths and improve my bedding to keep from freezing. I actually got into one of the sleeping bags. The camper is not wind proof and this was the first time sleeping with the camper rocking back and forth from the strong wind. Needless to say I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the rest of the night and awoke at dawn.

capitol reef trip

I usually don’t, do updates on the road espessially fat finger typing on a tablet. The weather has changed with a winter snowstorm passing through on Apr 15 and 16… I managed one hike in cottonwood wash but Lt may be another day or two before I hit the trail again, l am adding to my s!of canyon count and adventures for future books.

The weather should be great for hiking by Saturday.@

Slot Canyon Hikes & Adventures 4 Book now available at

I have finally published the 4th edition to the popular Slot Canyon Hikes & Adventures book.

It has the latest adventures and maps.

Some of the reference information was updated.

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